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Telephone jokes never get old and if someone doesn’t likes them, then you should crack cell phone jokes or funny smart phone jokes at them and watch what happens.).). Add Comments Comment and share this joke on Facebook or Twitter. 100. Other Short Cell Phone Jokes. To get you pointed in the right direction toward hilarity, allow us to share a few short jokes for mobile phones with you. The following jokes Author: Michael Kwan.

Cell Phone jokes are amongst the new genre of jokes. They are basically centered on the use of cell phone i.e. funny incidents that result from using mobiles. With the increase in use of cell phones, the humorous situations occurring therein have also witnessed a jump. Read on to find mobile phone text jokes . Marriage is like my mobile phone contract. Marriage is like my mobile phone contract. When you first signed up you was able to use all of the services you wanted, as much as you desired no limit and no extra cost. Funny jokes about cell phones. 34 funny .

Spread the humour Funny Phone Jokes Funny Phone Jokes and Amusing Telephone Calls When your in the bath and the phone rings, it’s invariably the wrong number. Funny Phone Jokes on This Page Phone Story as told to Will by his friend, ‘Shaky’ Guy’s Funniest Phone Joke Funny Telephone Operator Tales Actual Amusing Answer Machine Read more. See TOP 10 phone jokes from collection of 176 jokes rated by visitors. The funniest phone jokes only! Eventually he called my mobile and said, "Bring it back here right now!" I said, "£100 and it's yours." Vote: share joke. Joke has 84.92 % from 224 votes “The ‘TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONE PLEASE’ message just flashed up on the 85%(442).

SMS Jokes for Mobile phone text messages - Free SMS jokes for some Funny SMS Messages. Everybody loves Jokes especially humorous Short jokes. Give below are some of the best SMS jokes messages and sms text jokes for mobile phones. Bring smile on your friend's face by sending these free SMS jokes to their mobile phones. This collection of SMS jokes include Funny SMS jokes, mobile sms jokes. Iphone Short Jokes Q: How can you tell which one of your friends has the new iPhone X? A: Don't worry, they'll let you know. What do you call an iPhone that isn't kidding around?

Comedy Central Jokes - Blond with a cell phone - A blond gets a new cell phone from her husband.The next day she goes to Wal-mart and her phone rings, so . Phone Sex Joke Back to: Dirty Jokes I once had One2One with a Virgin, she teased me till I had an Erikson, sucked me til my face went Orange, til I busted my Siemen all over her Nokias!