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The Blame Game RATIONALE Adolescents often blame other people for their problems and assume that everyone is out to ruin their lives. Most have trouble accepting responsibility for their actions. They often believe that adults should be able to read their minds and have trouble asking for help. Blaming only leads to more conflicts. Responsibility is one of the character traits most frequently included in character education programs for kids. Teaching kids to take responsibility for their actions and to responsibly perform tasks is a key step toward character maturity and success. Kids learn best when they're having fun, so games are an effective way to teach responsibility.

Ball of Responsibility Game Practicing Strategies for Crisis Intervention Description: As the Ball of Responsibility is tossed back and forth from the group leader to a participant, ideas on ways that staff can support the person in crisis. Develop social & personal responsibility skills with group games & activities. Experiences which focus on responsibility aim to empower your group to look after itself, from both a social (group) and personal (individual) point of view. In my opinion, there is no greater paradigm for a human being than to take responsibility for oneself.

INTEGRITY • RESPECT • RESPONSIBILITY • SPORTSMANSHIP • SERVANT LEADERSHIP NAIA Champions of Character • 1200 Grand Blvd., Kansas City, MO 64106 • 816.595.8000 • Responsibility Group Activity 1 Responsibility Group Activity 1: Ball Juggle Responsibility — Embracing opportunities to contribute. Sep 19, 2013 · The Team Responsibility Game. Posted By Ellen Grove on | 0 comments. I love games for learning – playing about serious matters allows people to drop some of the filters and barriers that may unconsciously affect how group discussions unfold and really explore ideas. And the laughter and drama of playing a game that involves body.