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Apr 07, 2013 · Psychology Definition of LEVINSON'S ADULT DEVELOPMENT THEORY: a model which maps the basis of human development where adulthood is split into the following categories- early, middle and late. Each of these segments ha. Jun 12, 2014 · Psychologist Daniel Levinson developed a comprehensive theory of adult development, referred to as the Seasons of Life theory, which identified stages and growth that occur well into the adult .

Before concluding this discussion of social development during our adult years, we’ll briefly describe one theory that considers the changes and transitions we experience during our adult lives, the controversial theory pro­posed by Levinson (1986). Because it is a stage theory. However, Levinson’s theory deals in part with aspects of social development, so it makes [ ]. Levinson’s Adult Development Theory. There’s a saying that goes, ‘The only thing constant is change.’ I bet Daniel Levinson would have agreed with that. He was a psychologist who focused his time on investigating adult development and the changes in life that create it.

The Adult Development website explains that Daniel Levinson's theory on adulthood includes the idea of three stages of adulthood occurring in a person's life after adolescence. These stages are known as early, middle and late adulthood. Daniel Levinson offers a theory of adult development that is very thorough. He explains transitions through six stages -- the early adult period, the adult period, the transition to age 30, the period of settling down, the mid-life transition and the period of middle adulthood. By understanding these theories of adult.

A Conception of Adult Development Daniel J. Levinson Yale University ABSTRACT: Adult development is becoming an important field of study for psychology and other disciplines. Little has been done, however, to conceptualize the nature of adult development and . Daniel J. Levinson (May 28, 1920 – April 12, 1994), a psychologist, was one of the founders of the field of positive adult development.Levinson is most well known for his theory of stage-crisis view, however he also made major contributions to the fields of behavioral, social, and developmental psychology.His interest in the social sciences began with studies on personality and Born: May 28, 1920, New York City.