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Ed & Melanie have two wonderful Cavachons from Silver Paw Cavachons! Thanks for sharing their photo! 1st cousins from Fergie/Hurley and Molly/Buster. These are beautiful examples of adult Blenheim and adult Tri color Cavachons. This is particularly true when it comes to height as the height of a Cavachon will largely depend upon the height of the parents and whether the dog was produced as a first generation or a second generation dog. Cavachons can be tall as well as short. Cavachons are available in a variety of coat colors.

Examples Of Adult Cavachons By Color. I get asked all the time for pictures of my puppies as adults so I made this page, and I only will have pictures of my puppies as adults on it. If you have any pictures of your babies as adults that you would like to share please feel free to send them to me and I . Adult weights of our Cavachons are typically less than 20 pounds although a host of factors including diet and exercise can influence growth and development. The Cavachon come in peach & white, peach, sable & white, tri-colored and black and tan.

It is obvious that dogs of the same breed have many physical characteristics in common, but they will often share some personality characteristics as well. The following Cavachon breed info will give you some important information about the various characteristics of this particular breed. As a mixed breed, it is difficult to make accurate predictions about how a litter of Cavachons will turn out. The only way to know what your dog will look like as an adult is to wait for him to grow up! A combination of two small breeds, the Cavachon can be expected to remain fairly small.Author: Kate Barrington.

Most cavachons are about 12 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh about 10 pounds. Depending on the parents, however, your cavachon may grow larger -- up to 18 pounds and 13 inches tall, which is the upper limit for both the bichon frise and the Cavalier King Charles spaniel. Cavachons Abby (back) at 5 months and Emma (front) at 4 months old. Daisy the Cavachon at 10 months old, weighing 19 pounds "Riley the Cavachon at about 4 years old—Riley came to us in the first half of 2007. My wife Karen had cancer and was facing .