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sperm taste fruits - How to make semen taste better: 6 most useful recommendations for males!

Cinnamon is especially recommended to make semen taste better. So, incorporate it in your regular diet. Another food that is considered to make it sweeter is pineapple juice. The juice is not only believed to improve the taste of your semen but is also considered to improve its smell. So, don’t forget to include pineapple juice in your diet. Sep 17, 2018 · Foods That Affect Male Semen Taste. Drinking fruit juices from pineapple, citrus, and cranberry is also known to make semen taste sweeter. Throw in melon, mango, apple, or grape, and other fruits that are high in sugar. Likewise, vegetables like parsley and celery are recommended. There are also some foods that you should steer clear of.

Always also remember that scent and taste are super related. Sweeten: “Cinnamon, wheatgrass, parsley, lemon and peppermint have all been shown to sweeten the taste of semen,” says House. Naturally sugary foods (not cookies and brownies) including pineapple, plums, kiwis, and blueberries make your taste tastier.Author: Aly Walansky. Fruits: the answer to how to make semen taste better & improve health! Posted in General Info by admin Reviewed 2 February, 2018 If you enter a query “ how to make semen taste better ” in any search engine on the Internet, you will get the answer “you need to eat more fruits.”.

Eat fruit and drink fruit juices. First of all, we are talking about pineapple and pineapple juice, which makes the taste of sperm more pleasant. Drink pineapple juice, if there is oral sex in your plans today. Eat fruit salads, or fruit in unprocessed form (melon, kiwi, peaches, and mango). Mar 21, 2018 · However, not enough research exists to show a strong link between diet and semen flavor. The big offenders that reportedly make semen smell and taste musky and bitter include: garlic. onions. broccoli. cabbage. leafy greens. asparagus.Author: Annamarya Scaccia.

Foods that Increase Ejaculate Volume and Improve the Taste of Semen. Eat these foods that increase ejaculate volume and produce more sperm. They also help improve taste of semen. Jun 19, 2016 · Urban legend has it that foods like pineapple make your cum or vagina taste good, while stuff like stinky cheese makes your junk taste rank.Author: Zach Sokol.

Fruit get plenty each day and sweeten your sperm taste Pineapple, papaya cranberry, melons, mangos, apples grapes are all good choices. These fruits are . Any food that is high in sugar content will probably make the taste of cum a little sweeter and tastier. Wheatgrass, parsley, lemon, and peppermint could also sweeten the taste of a man’s ejaculation fluid. LIQUIDS MAY HAVE A ROLE The quantity of water that a man consumes on a daily basis is also supposed to have a role in the taste of his cum.