- you made me gay - gravy train


you made me gay - gravy train -

You made me gay, girl, you made me gay, girl You ain't gay HAAAAY, you made me GAY STOP! jockin' me girl Why can't you see? There's a million guys That are dyin' to screw me I see how it is Hunx I don't give you a bona When I'm through with your ass It will be in a coma You have the ass You have the titty But there's somethin' in my pants. Gravy Train!!!! Trashy electro band from Oakland, California with rapping about sex and junkfood, preferably in conjunction. If the music is explicit, then so is the stageshow. Many songs are about gay/lesbian love and in a typical concert all members make .

Gravy Train!!!!'s You Made Me Gay- Gravy Train Lyrics music video in high definition. Learn the full song lyrics at MetroLyrics. So listen up ladies: I like guys and hate babies, If you get me real drunk I’ll go for the junk in the trunk! You want me bigtime, I want you minitime, But then I see Matt Dillon and I want it huge time! You open up your lips and try to seal my doom, So I make a beeline straight to the men's room.