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My Boyfriend Wants Naked Pictures of Me: Should I Do It? a lot for work, he will be gone for 2 weeks at at time. I don’t mind, but he asked me to help make his trip better he wanted me to take nude pictures of myself. It also sounds like your boyfriend might not be fully taking the difference in your ages and the major differences Author: Heather Corinna. Jul 03, 2011 · DO NOT send any nude pictures. If you want to be a little sexy/naughty that is one thing (I still recommend caution) but dont believe that nobody will ever see them. Even if he is an honest person that would never betray you there is still a good chance that one of his friends of lesser integrity gets a hold of them.Status: Open.

Oct 11, 2008 · Take good care of your body if you don't want to end up in youtube or porn websites. what if your friends, your employer, your school or your parents find out. This guy is acting like a pimp. I do wonder how much respect he has for you. Add your answer to the question "My boyfriend shows my nude pictures to his friends, isn't this wrong. My boyfriend wants to take naked pictures of me? Should I let him? Not to mention, I have so many imperfections like stretch marks, and he does not mind, infact, he brings them out on the photos. He likes a real woman and her flaws. No.You can never trust someone with nude photos of yourself.Some guys will promise and swear to never.

But we have run into a slight problem. He is a keen photographer. And he has come up with this idea that he would photograph me in the nude. And by this, he means showing my entire body, including my private parts. He says that I am "so beautiful" and that he would like . Jul 31, 2012 · Best Answer: Don't give him nudes because he will then show his friends then when you make fun of one of his friends who knows you sent your boyfriend nudes, he will start spreading rumors about you. Your boyfriend either sees you nude in person or nothing at all trust me.. Status: Open.

does he want it to have something to jerk off to? Do not trust anyone not even your husband with nude photos, they will come back to haunt once your relationship breaks up and trust me it will.