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Teenagers may assume that incontinence is a problem only the elderly experience, which can result in embarrassment for those teens who struggle to get to the bathroom in time. Incontinence may lead teenagers to avoid social situations, school or work in a bid Author: Candice Coleman. Teens and parents alike are more hassled by incontinence during the night. For teenagers, the idea of wetting the bed can be humiliating while getting out of bed at the night to .

Urinary Incontinence Teen Stress incontinence Follow Posted 9 years ago, 34 users are following. This discussion has been locked due to a period of inactivity. Start a new discussion. S's_Mum. My daughter is 19 and seemed to have suffered from several urine type/kidney infections for several years. Learn how to manage teen incontinence. Info for Teens. For Parents. If your teen or older child is experiencing incontinence, you CAN help. Info For Parents. Read Tips. Get all the information you need to help manage your incontinence. Read Tips. For Teens. Let's be honest - .

Reassure your teen that incontinence is a common condition for youths, and can easily be managed in a discreet way so as to minimize the impact on their daily activities. Do not initially bring the conversation to adult diapers; there are many alternatively named products available for this condition. [Moderator note] Also see past advice: "Incontinence in Teens" Jun 10, 2019. RE: Teen wetting bed (Jun 10, 2019) Hello, I suggest calling your pediatrician. I had a cousin who did this and it turned out it was a symptom of juvenile diabetes. Teen wetting pants and bed. March 2012.